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If you need to restore your entire smile, chances are that you want to minimize the amount of time that you spend without teeth. Teeth in a Day can help you achieve that goal.

Teeth in a Day, also known as All-on-4, gives the patient an implant-supported denture while compressing the treatment timeline to a single appointment.

With this approach, patients get all of the benefits of dental implants in addition to restoring their smiles in a matter of hours.

If you have been considering your options for dentures, be sure to look into Teeth in a Day as a possible solution. Schedule a consultation at our office to learn more about this treatment method.

The All-on-4 Dental Implant Approach

All-on-4 uses just four dental implants to secure an entire upper or lower denture. Because such a small number of dental implants is needed, they can all be placed in a single session that takes just a few hours. After the implants are in place, the patient can be fitted with a prosthetic arch.

Furthermore, the dental implants are placed toward the front of the jaw, with the outer two implants angled beneath the gumline to fully support the weight of the rear section of the denture.

The location of the dental implants in All-on-4 allows a sizeable group of patients to take advantage of this treatment option without a preliminary bone graft. Even patients who have experienced bone loss under the sinus cavity can still be good candidates for All-on-4.

Teeth In A Day Vs. Conventional Dentures

Teeth in a Day differ from conventional dentures because the former is a structurally complete tooth replacement treatment, consisting of artificial roots and crowns of the teeth. In contrast, conventional dentures replace only the crown structures of your missing teeth.

As such, patients who opt for Teeth in a Day don’t need to fuss with messy and unpleasant tasting denture adhesives. They also don’t need to have anxiety about their dentures becoming loose at a most inopportune time.

Advantages Of Dental Implant Technology

Because Teeth in a Day are structurally complete, patients gain many advantages over conventional dentures. The root-like nature of dental implants provides more denture stability for patients who choose Teeth in a Day.

That denture stability results in the following benefits for patients:

Longevity: The dental implants prevent jawbone atrophy, so the shape of the jaw remains constant. This means that an implant-supported denture will retain its fit for many years to come.

Security: The fit of an implant-supported denture is secure. Teeth in a Day patients don’t need to turn to unreliable denture adhesives.

Comfort: Teeth in a Day are structurally similar to biological teeth, so they feel more like biological teeth.

Functionality: Teeth in a Day are more effective at chewing than traditional dentures. The dental implants connect the appliance to the jaw and allow it to withstand stronger chewing forces.

What To Expect From Teeth In A Day

At your initial consultation, your oral surgeon will scan your smile using cutting-edge three-dimensional imaging techniques. By getting a realistic, predictable view of the implant placement sites, the surgeon can better prepare for the placement procedure, streamlining the process.

On the day of the procedure, you will come to our office and prepare for any sedation that you have chosen. The Pinnacle Oral Surgery team will work to place the four dental implants, and at the end of the appointment, you’ll be fitted with your new smile! Not bad for a morning or afternoon of your time!

In order to maximize the benefits you get from Teeth in a Day, you need to closely follow your oral surgeon’s instructions so that osseointegration of the dental implants will proceed as expected.

Additionally, you need to practice good oral hygiene habits daily to prevent oral diseases that can threaten the long-term stability of your dental implants.

FAQs about Teeth in a Day

The cost for Teeth in a Day will vary from patient to patient. Factors that can influence the treatment include imaging costs, preliminary treatments that may be needed and the patient’s overall and oral health. Rest assured that the experienced Pinnacle Oral Surgery office staff will work diligently to maximize any insurance coverage that you may have in order to limit your out-of-pocket expenses.

Teeth in a Day are implant-supported dentures that require just four dental implants to secure the entire denture. All of the dental implants can be placed at the same time, and the patient is fitted with the appliance that day, as well.

Dental implants are quite durable, making this treatment option a good choice for patients who don’t want to be bothered with having their dentures refitted or replaced every few years. In order to maintain your Teeth in a Day, however, it is essential for you to practice good oral hygiene habits, like daily brushing and flossing.

Absolutely! It takes just a few hours to place the four dental implants used to support a denture in All-on-4.